Talko Tuesdays (EP3) – InfinitelyDelicious@Xbox


It’s Thursday! You know what means!? Another amazing episode of Talko… Tuesdays? Yeah… Sorry about that. We ran into a few hiccups with this week’s podcast and it forced us to push the release back a few days, but don’t let that spoil the fun! Today we talk about some great indie titles on Xbox One courtesy of the ID@Xbox program. Oh yeah, and we eat terrible, terrible things like a pickle juice protein smoothie and a cat food covered waffle.

We spent an absurd amount of time editing in awesome transitions, sexy explosions, and other rad stuff only to have the project corrupt. After two days of trying to salvage the project, we had to throw in the towel. We’ll continue trying to improve the quality and presentation of our podcasts. If there is anything you guys want to see in a future podcast, let us know! Thanks for supporting our shenanigans!

Talko Tuesdays is the weekly podcast from the What’s Your Tag? crew. We post new episodes every Tuesday. For updates and more ways to suggest topics, be sure to follow us on Twitter.


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