Time and Relative Friday in Space

Greetings! Once again on the slow path of time. Look! We’ve reached Friday! Ever stop and wonder, what comes after Friday? No, wait. No one does. Anyway, after this, current Friday, it’s the premier of the new season of Doctor Who! In honor of that, we are going back in time (GET IT!), to retrieve an oldie from Dorkly. Let’s watch as one of television’s and one of gaming most famous time travelers square off:

Speaking of squaring off, our next video from IGN’s youtube channel, START, has two of the fighting game genre’s most famous combatants head to head. GET OVER HERE, VIDEO!

Our third video continues on with the theme of squaring off. This time we pit an acid trip against a stroke against Donkey Kong Country! Not really but that was all I could think of while watching the latest, Geekapella from MAX and SAM:

Finally, fighting isn’t everything… is what someone without a machine gun that fires acid would say. Let Sir Hammerlock explain with his intro to Borderlands 2:

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the long weekend, if you get it off!

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