Beyond: Two Souls with Willem Dafoe

Quantic Dream, the company behind games like Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy, has released a new trailer for their latest called, Beyond: Two Souls. The game stars amazing actor/scary person, Willem Dafoe (I’m sure he’s a nice guy he just terrifies me for some reason) as well as actress, Ellen Page. Check out the Dafoe-centric trailer:

They also released a behind scenes showing off the motion capture:

Beyond: Two Souls comes out October 8th for the PS3.



  1. Haha…Dafoe doesnt realise that the picture on the paper was his! Lol!

    I am amazed how Cinematic and expressive are the new generation of games by QuanticDreams. Looking forward to It! Heavy Rain was awesome too.

      1. I’m serious! I loved Dafoe in Platoon and especially in Boondock Saints. Talented actor and classy individual. I’m actually quite excited to see what he brings to the videogame space.

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