Tomb Raider: Legend of Friday Fun

This past week saw the reboot of gaming royalty that, much like real royalty, had become inbred and kind of weird. I’m talking of course about, Tomb Raider. The new game has gotten a lot of great reviews but does it have what it takes to impress one of the great game critics of our time, Conan O’Brien?

Wow, that river bit was brutal. Almost as brutal as this Tomb Raider rap from KadeshFlow is sweet: 

Smooth. What’s nice about the new game is the way it tones down Lara Croft’s… umm…. endowments. Which brings up an interesting question, what would she be like in bed? Or any game character for that matter? That question is answered by Golden Moustache.  (WARNING NSFW because France)

Happy Friday Everyone!



  1. I just got tomb raider, not even an hour into the game and it is already really intense. Still getting used to the game but I am pretty excited to play it and see how it goes

    1. I love watching Conan play games because he’s so terrible at them. He’s a really funny guy and he has really honest feedback about the games he’s playing.

      1. I wasn’t a big TR fan either. I do have isos of the older ones on my psp but man are the controls outdated! Haha I do however have the triple pack for the ps3 (legend, underworld, anniversary). Sadly it lay unopened (fail). But my wife got me a copy of the new one so I’m a happy guy! After I’m done w metal gear rising ill take a crack at it.

        Hilarious comic hahah. Reminds me of this:

        I read most of it but all the pages are listed. Still cracks me up!

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