Outlast Sets Out to Redefine Fear

Outlast 1
There is a new contender for the “Scariest Game Ever Made” title. Outlast takes the horrifying formula Amnesia created and cranks it up to 11. Care to put your fears to the test? 

The folks at Red Barrels, which is composed of a group of ex-Ubisoft developers, have been hard at work constructing a game that genuinely horrifies it’s players. Outlast is being showcased at PAX East this year and some people are finding the scares to be more than they can handle. There are reports of people bolting out mid-demo, others crawling out unhealthily pale, and one guy who almost destroyed the entire booth in a fit of panic. Pretty impressive for a demo being showcased at a convention with thousands of people. They’ve recently released an extended trailer that demonstrates exactly how and why this game will scare you.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x3oJQ6uUA8]

Outlast is another prime example of how simplicity creates primal fear. There are no weapons to be found in this terrifying adventure, you are simply armed with a night vision camera and the ability to run. You are helpless and this sense of helplessness mutates into fear. It’s not Resident Evil or Dead Space, where firearms and ammunition fall from the sky. No, in Outlast you are a writer who decides to venture into the depths of an abandoned insane asylum in an attempt to uncover a conspiracy that dates all the way back to the 1930’s.

I’m a sucker for a well-crafted horror game. Nothing compares to the surge of adrenaline you get from a good scare. I will be following this game pretty closely, so look forward to more news very soon.


  1. I’m looking forward to this game and have been since I heard about it around two months ago. Here’s to hoping that there is a retail box that I can buy instead of a digital download. XD

    1. Scratch that, it looks like the game will be download-only based on what I’m seeing on the Red Barrels sight. I’d much prefer a retail box but, more than that, I’d prefer studios putting as much money into developing the game as possible. I’m cool with this.

      1. That seems to be the current trend with smaller studios. It’s much more cost efficient to release a digital-only version of game. I’m cool with this as well. Should be a damn scary game.

  2. Like Erica said, best horror games are usually simple but still scare the utter crap out of you. I am definitely interested in the story, and the fact you only have a camera is interesting. It reminds me of fatal frame, except the night vision camera cannot defend you.

    However, I don’t think I will be playing this game. I am a big chicken and I don’t intend of dying from a heart attack anytime soon XD or destroy my laptop in my fright.

    1. I thought the exact same thing. It totally reminds me of Fatal Frame with the camera. Having your vision limited to a camera is always a terrifying feeling.

      In my opinion Fatal Frame 2 is one of the scariest games ever made. So good.

  3. We’ll have to wait to see how scary it is because while I do agree that a horror game is much scarier if you have no way of fighting anything (ie Amnesia) this game demo seems to rely heavily on jump scares which are fine as long as they aren’t used as the only way of scaring the player (the part under the bed is pretty predictable). Part of what made Amnesia so effective is that it played on things most people naturally fear like being chased by a monster you can’t see or Amnesia built up pressure by forcing the player to hide in the dark which if they did too long would decrease their sanity. I’m not saying it won’t be good I’m just saying that I’m going to need to see some more gameplay before I’m convinced.

    1. Amnesia did an amazing job with atmosphere, there is no doubt about that. This one focuses more on constant fear of a nemesis-esque pursuer. You don’t know when or where he’ll strike, but you know he’s not far behind.

  4. I like that fact that the Outlast is a horror game without the use of weapons. We need more games with the creativity and uniqueness that Red Barrel brings to the table.

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