Nerd Wars! What is Your Favorite Class in Dragon’s Crown?

If you own a PS3 or a Vita, chances are you’re playing Dragon’s Crown. It’s a breath of fresh for the brawler genre and I’ve been having a ton of fun with it. I’ve only had the chance to play as one class so far, but for this week’s round of Nerd Wars! I want to know what your favorite class is. It seems like each class has a distinct play style and I want to know who you folks are playing as.


  1. You know I’d cast a vote, but I’ve only played one class so far… Amazon. Gonna try the Elf next, loves me some ranged combat. Will have to play all of them before I could choose a favorite though.

    1. Yeah I’m digging the Wizard a lot so far, but the elf seems really fun. I might try the Dwarf next though, I really wanna throw people around.

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