New Pokemon… GAME?

Pokemon Universelogo

So it seems there’s some ruckus in the world of Pokemon. Kotaku is reporting on a trailer from Japan that has a mysterious final shot of two Pokemon ready to fight at the 2:12 mark. Here is the video: 

It doesn’t seem like it could be Pokemon Rumble U, although it could be and it really doesn’t look like anything you’d find in Pokemon X and Y so what could it be? Possibly nothing, but then again it could be the long awaited full blown home console Pokemon game! Of course the more likely answer is that it’s the return of Pokemon Stadium, which would that be a bad thing? We’ll have to wait and see for sure. In the mean time there is also going to be a reboot of the Pokemon anime which is looking pretty cool too:

(h/t Kotaku)



  1. It’s a new trailer for X and Y! Take a closer look at the games. They were on 3ds’ and they featured the games mascots. Not to mention the release date for X and Y is the twelfth of October… And this has the same release date!

  2. But did you catch the bit at the very end? There is a 3D hi-def fight between two Pokemon and it definitely looks like a console release.

  3. found a US trademark recently – looking at patent and trademark office’s website, August 15th – registered for Pokkén Tournament and Pokkén Fighters, so it looks like it could well be a pokémon themed fighting game.

    I would certainly be interested in if that turns out to be the case.

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