Titanfall Launch Power Session

Did you miss our massive Titanfall launch day stream? Well never fear! We have a large portion of it recorded and uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Come watch me get down on some wicked-nasty titan action! 

[youtube http://youtu.be/J42hu0UIO-U]

I can’t get enough Titanfall! It’s such a fresh and exciting take on the shooter genre. Every time I play I match I see something incredible that I’ve never seen before. The Titan and Pilot weapon upgrades and abilities really keep you guessing when it comes to your opponent’s strategy and you can never really predict how a match is going to turn out. I love it.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video. With Twitch streaming in full effect on the Xbox One you can bet your sweet derriere I’ll be doing way more live gameplay videos in the very near future. If you’re a fan of live streams be sure to follow my channel and check our Facebook for updates on our streaming schedules. If you wanna party up and play together, be sure to add me on Xbox Live!



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