The Art of Titanfall Review

Titanfall officially dropped for Xbox One and PC last week and the Xbox 360 version is just over the horizon. Many reviewers praised the game for being a unique, game-changing shooter with a great multiplayer experience, but dinged it due to the lack of a more traditional campaign. Fans looking for some more depth and immersion should seriously consider picking up The Art of Titanfall.  


The beginnings of Titanfall are incredibly humble. The group first met in a cramped office space with folding chairs to ask the simple question, “What game should we make?” After two and half years of heated debates and scrapped projects, the team finally settled on one bold, new idea. It’s hard to imagine that these five words would eventually lead to the creation of one of the most exciting shooters of all time.


There is so much incredible art admire to in this 192-page book. With each turn of the page I found something even more impressive to gawk at. I would often catch myself staring at the gorgeous map artwork for minutes at a time. Looking at the concept drawings for the Titans makes them feel larger than they do in game, especially with tiny pilots standing beside them for scale and almost every single piece of work has a quote directly from the development team. It was really surprising to learn about some of the inspirations for this team’s design choices. Did you know the basic pilot helmet is actually based off Boba Fett? These fun little anecdotes made my time with The Art of Titanfall truly engaging.


Aspiring game artists or developers will also get a first-hand look at the impressive 3D models. The in game characters and vehicles can’t quite compare to seeing these outrageously detailed high-res models. Polygons for days!

As consumers, we often overlook or simplify the creative process that goes into making a great game. Respawn Entertainment left the Call of Duty franchise behind to try and create something genuinely new and exciting. Getting your hands on the creative team’s notes and concept designs really starts to paint a picture of the delicate process that goes into game development. After reading The Art of Titanfall I have a new found respect for this expansive world and the characters and technology that inhabits it. Titan Books did a fantastic job capturing the energy and spirit of the creative process and if you’re a fan of Titanfall, this is the perfect coffee table companion.



    1. It definitely makes you look at things in a drastically different way. I don’t hop in the game and say “Whoa, that’s a killer robot dude!” Now I have a solid understanding of the story and design behind this futuristic, yet very plausible piece of machinery.

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