Where is Citizens of Earth? March 14th Release Date Was Wrong, But New Announcement Coming “Very Shortly”!


Featuring some of the kind folks who worked on the excellent 3DS title Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Eden Industries is channeling their inner Earthbound with the upcoming comedy RPG Citizens of Earth. Somehow March 14th was “announced” as the game’s release date, but as that day came and went there was no sighting of Citizens of Earth on Steam or the Wii U eShop. So what gives?

I took to Facebook and popped the question on their official Citizens of Earth page, asking for an update on a possible release date. This was their reply back to me —

That release date was unfortunately wrong ever since it was reported, but it proliferated around the internet too much for us to correct! However we do have an announcement coming up very shortly regarding platforms and release dates.

Some fans even hit up various message boards asking if the game had even been scrapped when they didn’t see it on March 14th, but fear not retro RPG fans.. Citizens of Earth is on the way!

If you’re not familiar with Citizens of Earth, it’s a off-the-wall RPG with a classic Earthbound feel, putting you in the shoes of the Vice President and tasking you with recruiting everyone from your mother to a barista to lend you a hand. You can find a much more in-depth explanation on their old Kickstarter page and their official website.


As a huge fan of Earthbound (and RPG’s in general), Citizens of Earth is one of my most anticipated releases this year, which says a lot in a year full of high budget releases. Sometimes it’s the indie titles that shine and provide that innovation that we’ve been missing out on, and hopefully Citizens of Earth fills that void! I look forward to hopefully one day playing this on the Wii U.


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