Turn-Based Roguelike ‘Quest of Dungeons’ Coming to Xbox One September 4th

An evil Dark Lord has stolen all of the world’s light. Are you a bad enough dude to enter his lair and defeat him?

Indie developer Upfall Studios’ upcoming turn-based roguelike RPG Quest of Dungeons is heavily inspired by the 16-bit era of gaming, and will be making its way to the Xbox One on September 4th via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program.

Featuring a few different fantasy classes to pick from, like wizard and assassin, you’ll face evil forces in a procedurally generated pain train to ensure that no two playthroughs are identical. Hopefully the dialogue in-game follows the same comical direction as the new gameplay trailer.

Bio Card Brad

Bradley Keene is the Executive Editor here at What’s Your Tag?, generally handling reviews, public relations, and our social media communications on Facebook and Twitter. He’s no stranger to sinking an absurd amount of time in to an MMO, but also has a deep seeded love for quirky indie games, pro wrestling, horror films, and his hometown of Baltimore, MD. Get in touch with him by e-mail at the address above, or follow him on Twitter.

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