Rise of Pachinko Man

konami comic done

Konami used to be one of the top video game publishers. As of lately, they have abandoned their fan-base and creators in lieu of more “profitable” ventures. Meaning they have Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid casino games now. It’s almost as if their company has been overtaken by some kind of evil genius. Will we ever see a new Castlevania game or will it just be “Candy-crush-vania”?



  1. But he forgot about the ancients! In a follow up we should see Batkojima receive help from Frogger, the guys from Contra, and the Time Pilot thwarting his plan. Probably by refusing to go to those Konami machines when they go to Mohegan Sun, driving Konami out of the gambling machine business, and a more competent company buying their assets allowing them to rise again. I’m just not sure how to make that funny.

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