The Daily Clip: Luna’s Nightshade


Puzzle games aren’t exactly notorious for having a colorful cast of characters, but Peggle 2 is about as off-the-wall as they come. In today’s The Daily Clip, we take a look at some Peggle 2 gameplay featuring Luna, the young corpse-like Peggle master unlocked later in the game. 

The concept is simple; shoot out the orange pegs before you run out of balls, all while using the purple pegs to boost your score and green pegs to use your chosen Peggle master’s special ability.

Luna’s special ability, Nightshade, lets you go straight for the harder to reach orange pegs by shooting through the blue pegs altogether. If you pop the final orange peg under the effect of Nightshade, all blue pegs hit afterwards will also have their score increased as well, so it’s all about the timing.

We hope you enjoyed today’s edition of The Daily Clip. Be sure to check back every day for more great videos straight from our Xbox One Game DVR.



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