Project Spark Game Creation Stream


Project Spark is Microsoft’s bold, new answer to Minecraft and Little Big Planet. It takes real game editing tools and merges them into an interactive gaming experience. I want to use Twitch to live stream the creation of a game, but I want you guys to call the shots. Just think Twitch plays Pokemon on a much more personal level. 


The Project Spark beta recently went public and many people have already created some fantastic and crazy complex games. The programming tools are far more complex than anything we’ve seen in creation based games like Minecraft or Little Big Plant, short of full-on mods anyway. It took me a few days just to play through the tutorials and even after completing those, I still feel like I know almost nothing about this game’s potential, but I’d love to dive deeper and I’d for you folks to take that journey with me.

I will be streaming, but you will be in total control. Folks participating in my channel’s chat will be the one’s deciding how and what things get created in this game. Are we making an RPG starring a fish? Or are we making a platformer starring a giant purple troll? These are the things you will be deciding. I will simply kick back and wait for your input. Everyone who participates in the stream will contribute to the game. Nobody has to be on the same page here. In fact, it’ll probably be much more entertaining if we’re not.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? I really hope so. I think this could be an incredibly fun adventure in streaming and who knows? We might end up crafting something really inspiring. I will be streaming several evenings a week. Be sure to visit our Facebook page or TEAM XBRO community page to keep up-to-date with my streaming schedule. I hope to see you online!

I will be streaming at 5:00pm Pacific Time this evening to talk about the stream and brainstorm ideas with the community. 

Author Line

i mileson iMiles Dompier is the mad commander of TEAM XBRO. He is a Seattle native who recently moved to the sweltering heat of Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a video game journalist. When he’s not up writing until his eyes bleed, he likes to play a Prince level of instruments and listen to terrible death metal. Follow him on his personal Facebook page or the official What’s Your Tag? Twitter page – @whatsyourtag


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