Below Developer Says Collaboration With Microsoft is the ‘Best-Case Scenario’


Recently Nathan Vella, co-founder and President of Capybara Games, spoke very positively to Edge Magazine about his studio’s partnership with Microsoft on the highly anticipated roguelike, Below


Microsoft is often attacked for it’s ‘lack of indie support’ by both developers and gamers, but many studios respect the company’s approach and even praise them  for their fantastic support. The president of Capybara Games is the latest developer to defend Microsoft and it’s indie publishing program, ID@Xbox.

“Microsoft catches a lot of sh** — some of it deserved, some not — but they understand our goals,” Vella said. “They understand the goals of the game and of the company, instead of trying to shove us in a direction that would benefit them a little more and us a little less. [This is] the best-case scenario for both the project and the studio.”

Vella goes on to say that Microsoft is even willing to let the studio self publish the game via the ID@Xbox program, when the game was originally set to be published by Microsoft Game Studios. The strict publishing regulations were the primary reason the studio brought Below to other platforms, like Steam.

Several studios have already spoken up about some of the unfair criticism towards Microsoft. Seeing smaller developers in the industry stand up for the technology giant is always exciting. Does this change your image or thoughts on the Xbox One

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